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Remember when you were 12-years-old?

The uncertainty about your changing body and all that misinformation was likely something that caused you embarrassment and fear.
Thank goodness, times have changed. Ma’am Exams has created a special program for young women ages 10-18 years old called Hello Body. It’s Me.®

Hello Body. It’s Me.® is more than primary care and a parent-guided, annual exam. It’s a chance for your daughter to experience a trusted relationship with her very own medical practitioner. One that she can talk to honestly about the physical and emotional changes she’s experiencing, all in a beautiful and comfortable “girl’s only” setting.

Ma’am Exams’ medical providers are carefully trained to speak to your daughter in a gentle, understanding way about her body, its changes, and “what to expect” in the next few years.
During the exam, and based on her age, a medical provider will review the following with you and your daughter: menstruation; vaginal discharges; body image; personal hygiene; emotional ups and downs; acne/skin concerns; and personal safety measures, like driving and texting.

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