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Ma’am Exam

Ma’am Exams provides exceptional medical care for women from adolescence and young adulthood through
post-childbearing years and menopause in a beautifully designed office. And, knowing that 50% of women
delay getting life-saving mammograms, heart disease screenings, and their annual well-woman check,
our emphasis is preventative healthcare care exams.


You deserve more! That’s why we created Ma’am Exams. It’s like “one-stop shopping” in medical care for women. And, while our claim to fame is a four-point Women’s Wellness Check at ONE OFFICE, in ONE HOUR and includes a Mammogram, PAP Test, and a Routine Blood Draw, there’s actually MORE. Ma’am Exams is also a PRIMARY CARE MEDICAL OFFICE that offers women a comprehensive line-up of preventative exams and services including hormone replacement, thyroid testing and treatment, bone density scanning, weight management, and other ongoing health concerns. Ma’am Exams is like nothing you have ever experienced. From the fabulous, non-clinical facility complete with crystal chandeliers to the friendly, approachable medical practitioners you will SEE AND FEEL THE DIFFERENCE that only Ma’am Exams delivers.


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